AH310 makes handmade caps.

The history of a t-shirt, daily impressions
and aspirations associated with, its ability of
communication, make it to a memorable piece
which often you cannot separate from, even
when it is worn out and unfitting. Project #1
refers to the desire of retaining a part of this
individual past. Central point is the concept
of giving a former favorite t-shirt a new gain
as a cap and thus taking up the contemporary
dialogue between wearer and observer.

It is essential for AH310 to preserve the
authenticity of the classic, simple shape & design
of a t-shirt and the intimate, casual sensation
of comfortable and practical wear. Each cap is
unique, custom-made and coded within a limited
edition from AH01 to AH99.
A direct connection between the caps succeeds
through the reverse side of the shield. Composed
of the prior t-shirt, it gives continuity to a
fragment of memory.